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About Us, pc repairs virus removal

PC Manpower has been running for several years expanding and contracting between domestic computer issues & business service contracts. PC Repair is a very generic title for us to claim. It is fair to say that our skills run deep in this field, whether it be virus removal, malware, hardware, general computer repairs as well as software faults. The title  “borken computer” may also fit this subject of course.

On site repair undertaken in and around the Kent area.  Staff hold many key skills ranging from:

Microsoft certifications MCSE

Multiple Database languages such as SQL, Dbase etc.

Microsoft C & C++

Advanced networking

Fully Microsoft Office MOS

Linux, Mac and all windows operating systems. Computers and software can be a volatile mix, no one knows every solution, but we come very close to it.  Malicious software (virus, malware, spyware hacked or infected) is our main daily occupation – crashing, freezing and hardware failures are also a common issue we resolve. Our goal is more now than ever focused on prevention as we as cure.

As well as software based technical skills, our team are highly trained in:

Network cabling both domestic and commercial environments as well as Fibre Optics

System building both domestic home computer design and gaming, as well as servers, primarily Dell based.

ADSL FiBRE, infrastructures, again both domestic and commercial and including Cable trunking management

Component level devices such as Graphic cards, Memory, Motherboards and power supplies

Laptops, iPad’s and all in one PC’s are well catered for by our team of experts, especially  screen issues and power related problems

Slightly off topic skills include:

CCTV implementation – Due to the need for CCTV to operate over a network catering for either home or office environment’s can install CCTV through their router

Internet based telephony – Telephone systems, either am IP phone on a home router or multiple phones with multiple telephone numbers, on extensions through standard router (Low coasts)


So you now know a little bit about us, and our talents related to computer systems.  All our skills are orchestrated within a rigid framework that is managed by our office team. Part of our ethos is the effective management of our services. Those services, we feel rely on good communication with our customers, you.  We hope you found this information helpful. If you need any more information please feel free to call our office, we look forward to speaking with you.



You may want to visit our Facebook page and have a chat and find some good tips for free here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PC-Manpower/1375822706052765