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Antivirus software - paid or free


Why pay when there are free antivirus programs on the internet, right?

Yes, you are right, they are free, and for me I earn a good living visiting those homes and businesses with free antivirus. Lets keep this short, as I could rant all day about the pros and cons of free or paid.

If you are lucky you will not join the thousands of people infected who end up paying to have the damage repaired. Please! take my advice and get yourself a good PAID antivirus.




So which paid antivirus gives the 'best bang for your buck'? In all my years of callouts, I have tried many, I here time and time again about 'Norton Internet Security' , 'Eset' and 'McAfee' as well as some of the others. Look, let me just give you my statistics on virus related callouts I get:

Customers had the following:

Free antivirus 50%

McAfee 15%

Norton Internet Security 25%

Other 10%



In my opinion, Eset antivirus is a clear winner. I find I rarely get a callback to customers with Eset installed, when I do it is unrelated to viruses. The great thing about Eset antivirus that I like, is the three 1 month trial, UK based support (very freindly) and the loyalty scheme (if you renew with them, they discount around 30%)

Typically, one user license is around £29.99

Two users £39.99 and three users £44.99 per year and they further dicount on years too. Take a look at their website for further infomation http://www.eset.co.uk/Home

Now if you want to go ahead and buy it, come back to us. As  an Eset partner we are offering customers a whopping 3 months extra FREE, thats 15 months for £29.99. Sign up for 2 years and get 6 months extra. Not enough? how about 9 months extra on 3 year purchase. This offer expires on 31st December 2015

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