Common Computer Issues

Forgoten Windows Password
Lost and recovery

Printer not connecting to router or can’t print
You keep selecting the printer but nothing happens, Wifi Router setup issues.

Windows Profile Corrupt
Can’t login because Windows says Corrupted?

Lines on Screen, Fuzzy Screen or Game wont Play
Display Issues, Graphic card Failure

Display turned upside down
On your screen everything is upside down
**Try pressing CTRL, ALT and UP at the same time.

Hard drive full, System Memory low
Slow PC popups telling you memory low or your hard drive full

Email errors & Internet slow
Email not connecting, error messages, Internet pages not showing or super slow

Viruses, Malware, Spyware & malicious Programs
Popups appearing, not the right webpage you wanted, malicious activity, strange behaviour

Repair Hacked Computer
Need to clean a hacker mess

Program won’t open or start
No matter how many times you click nothing happens. Program will not shutdown

Printing from iPad & iPad screen repair
Print setup and screen replacement


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