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Cant Print, Printer not connecting to router

 Whether you cant print, printer not connecting to router - this page will try to enlighten you to the route cause, and or provide you with some useful tips to aid you  in fixing the problem

Cant Print, Printer not connecting to router

Cant Print

Now I am not going to tell you to check that the USB cable or usual things are connected like other websites do. Firstly, let me start with the most common printer not printing issues I get:
Sometimes, if you cannot print it may be due to the “Print queue” being full. What am I talking about you ask? In your printer settings you need to look at “What is printing” – Try going to the DEVICES and PRINTERS tab located (normally) on your START button, to the right side menu (in Windows 7) or via CONTROL PANEL. Once you are in this section you will see your printer. Double click it and somewhere there you will find a button to see what is printing or print queue. Once there right click and select remove, delete or cancel print. You see, you cannot print anything until this is clear. If you do not see your printer then it may have been deleted somehow or is not connected. Try putting the USB cable in another USB port or failing this just remove the installation of printer and re install it. Microsoft site offers some useful tip and fixes here!  If this does not help or you find this too technical then it is time to call the professional in, call us on 01634 505051 or 01732 790099

Printer not Connecting to Router

So you have a wireless printer or it is connected to the router via cable. Either way sometimes printers just will not connect. If this printer worked before but not now then it is likely that it has lost its IP address set for it by the router or the software has been damaged. The two most simple methods to fix this is either use the connection settings menu usually provided in the printer utilities program – Printer utility programs are usually found from the START button and then under ALL PROGRAMS under your printer name. If not there then you will probably need to uninstall the printer and reinstall it. Don’t forget to try and restart your router, this sometimes resolves issues with network printers too.
Other Printer issues are related to poor printing or jammed paper. Copy ink (not original) dry much quicker it seems these days so you may need to replace or head clean them. Paper jams are usually the result of paper powder covering the pickup rollers where they become incapable of gripping the paper. Sometimes a damp cloth rubbed over them fixes this for a while.

Remember that most printers are so cheap these days that it may be easier to replace them than repair unfortunately. Hope you found the Printer not printing and printer not connecting to router page helpful.

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