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Hard Drive Full & Memory low Error & Tips

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Hard Drive Full – Cleanup

So your system is telling you that your either running out of memory or drive space. First, double click on My Computer and click on your hard drive often C: if this drive has less than 20 % of free space this will slow your system down tremendously. If it is red then you need to de-clutter or uninstall some programs to help speed it up.

You can also goto START button – CONTROL PANEL – then PROGRAMS AND FEATURE (installed programs in XP). Uninstall any programs you do not really need BE CAREFULL!! do not be tempted to just remove anything because you have never heard of it. It may be important. If you are unsure, you may require professional help. Please call us on 01634 505051 or 01732 790099 and arrange for an enginneer to call on you to assist in the cleanup.

To select the program to uninstall, select the program and either right click on it and select uninstall or at the top of page select uninstall.

Removal of some large programs will dramatically reduce “Hard Drive Full” errors or “Memery low” errors.

Next you need to Defragment the hard drive:

1. Double click on “My Computer”
2. Select the drive you want to defragment  by clicking on it.
3. Right click on it and select Properties
4. Next on the Tools tab select Defragment Now (Please look at the image 1 and 2 below)

This will speed up the time it takes to load files

Hard Drive Full 02
Hard Drive Errors 04
Image 1
Hard Drive error
Image 2



Whether you have a hard drive full message, or memory low message, defragmenting your hard drive is essential. Why, because over time data is speed out all over your drive (it’s just the way Microsoft designed it). Technically, when you load a large file into the computer, it will not always fit the first empty memory block. So Windows puts as much as will fit there instead, then it finds another hole. As you can imagine this leads to the system spending far too much time racing around the drive getting your data.

If you find your PC still super slow then you may need to call in the professionals. To arrange a callout just call us on 01634 505051 or 01732 790099 we are here to help.

Further online help can be found on Microsofts forums about this and other errors here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-hardware/hard-drive-is-full-and-i-dont-know-why/83b620da-c029-4a1b-81cd-0b166b008162