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iPad Screen Repair

How do I repair my broken iPad screen? Unless you really have to, the simple answer is DON’T. In most cases if this is the first time you have done this then you need to be aware of several important hurdles.

First of all if the front screen (digitiser) is cracked you will need to remove this without scratching the LCD underneath. You will need a VERY steady hand along with a few special tools and a hairdryer. You see, the adhesive on the underside of the iPad digitiser needs to be softened up, made ply able so as to pry it free. Also there are several connectors and other vulnerable components to be aware of inside that can if not careful, be damaged.

Well if you still wish to go ahead, take a look on eBay for the kits that include the digitiser screen, double sided tape and tool kit. Take a look on YouTube for the video guides and follow.


Now if you want this done professionally, Please call our number below and arrange to have your iPad repaired by one of our technicians on 01634 505051 or 01732 790099


Printing from ipad

So you want to print from your iPad but don’t know how? Great because we will show you how. Obviously you have a printer right? Good! Now here is the important part: it needs to be a wireless printer or networked to your router. Not sure? Well if it is connected via a USB cable to your PC and you do not know if is wireless, take a look on the front of the printer. Somewhere on there, there should be a wifi symbol. If yes great news you can use this with your iPad, the bad news may be that if you are unsure of the wifi on your printer then you may not be able to continue through this setup. The reason being, that all printers are different. You will need to setup wifi security and the SID name for the printer which is not covered here as networking your printer and wireless setup is a whole other chapter I am sorry to say. But all is not lost, one of our technicians can be available for you should you wish to arrange an onsite setup for you. Please call us on 01634 505051 or 01732 790099

If you have already done this and your printer is wireless as you use it via the network you simply have to click on the square symbol with an arrow pointing up on it. It will be on the top of the page as in image 2. In most applications, Safari, Mail and others has this symbol. Don’t forget to have your wireless on and connected.

Apples guide to printing


Print from iPad
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