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Programs wont open or start

Programs Not starting

If your programs wont open or start properly then you may havea coruption somewhere. This can happen for many reasons (updates, firewall, pc not shut down properly or Virus related). The most common problems client seem to face are: Office will not open, Outlook will not open, itunes will not open or start.

Lets start with a quick check. You will need to go to Control Panel and find Programs and Feature or Installed Programs. Once there you can see if your program is listed. If it is 'great'. Now highlight it by clicking once on it. At the top of that window you may see Change or Repair. Select Repair first and follow the instructions ( image 1 ). If Change is the only option, please select that and follow the instructions. If you are still having issues or you do not see these options, then you most likely need a little more professional help. Why not give PC Manpower a call and arrange an onsite visit by one of our technitions who will resolve any of your PC problems. Call us on 01634 505051 or 01732 790099

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Office Will not start, Outlook will not start

Office is usually very robust but sometimes it can fail to start or run as expected. So how do you fix this. First lets just fix Office as a whole and then I will give you a few tips for Outlook 2010 and 2013 or 365.

If Office programs will not start try first trying the Office repair manager in Programs and Features. Where is that? Go to 'Control Panel' then 'Programs and Features', Highlght the Office program and then at the top of the window select 'Change'. Now here you may get a window with options similar to those in 'Image 2'.

Try to repair first, all else fails then you may need to get a professional in to resolve this as fixes may result in loss of data such as templates etc.

Outlook can be started from the start menu in the 'Run' box. Type: outlook /safe

then try outlook /cleanprofile

If you are still stuck you will need more technical help. Why not arrange for one of our engineers to perform a site visit? Call us now on 01634 505051 or 01732 790099

Itunes wont start

Itunes was working but now it won't work, run or start, so what do you do? OK, itunes is pretty good at repairing itself, goto Control Panel and find 'Programs and Features' or 'Installed Programs' (Image 1 ). Once there locate itunes in the list, left mouse click (only once) and then goto the top of the page and find 'Repair' run that following the instructions. If this does not resolve it then there may be a registry corruption or other damage in the software. Be careful when deleting itunes as you do not want to lose your music and settings. If you need one of our engineers to call on you and fix this and other PC related issues, then phone us on either 01634 505051 or 01732 790099

Office wont open or start
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