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User Profile Corrupt

User Profile Corrupt error message

I am going to go through a few fixes below that may help resolve a corrupt user profile issues. Please bear in mind that at some point this may become slightly complicated, and so you may rather arrange one of our technicians to call on you instead. Otherwise I will explain, briefly how to tackle these issues. In most cases this will work, in other cases there may be deep routed reasons for the problem arising in the first place.  PC Manpower offers these tips to you on the basis that it is at your own risk.  These suggestions are only what have worked for others and may not work for you. That said, if you are happy to try to fix this yourself, then we hope this helps.

User Profile Corrupt

So all was working fine yesterday but now you cannot login and keep getting the error message 'User profile Service service failed the login' or 'User profile cannot be loaded'. This can occur when the system shuts down and the profile is being saved - the profile data can get corrupt if there is insufficient power going to the hard drive, CPU, or memory. This causes data files to lose structural integrity during the save process. It can also occur if the hard drive if full and the system resources are overloaded.

So how can you fix this? First you need to login under another account, usually the default administrator. and then create another NEW profile, and then copy all your data from the old profile to the new one. You are probably saying right now 'I only have one login account' so now what? In this case restart the computer in safe mode (when the PC starts, when data appears on your screen, start pressing the F8 key repeatedly). Safe mode may offer you temporary access either via the original profile (reduced functionality) or by another Admin account. If you are in, then go to Control Panel and locate user accounts. There you will find facilities to create a new profile.

Once you have the new profile  restart the PC. then login under the new profile, then go to your C: drive, locate the folder Users and then open your old profile and copy over your documents, photos, etc to the new one.

Microsoft has a great tutorial on this which goes into greater detail here.

If you are still unable to do this then most likely you will need the default Administrator account activated. This is a little more complicated for this tutorial tip. We suggest you arrange for one of our engineers to arrange a site visit and do this for  you. Contact us on 01634 505051 or 01732 790099


User Profile Corrupt, forgot password
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