Computer issues & Services

Before you call and arrange a callout with us, have a read through some of the computer issues and services below, as we have included some tips that may help resolve your own PC issue.


Software Issue

Windows slow, slugish, Office or other programs unresponsive?  Then you are in the right place. Computers are great when they are running well, but sometimes when you need them the most, something goes wrong. 95% of all computer issues, specifically, software related callouts are resolved within the first hour of our visit. As well as addressing the main problem, your computer system will be cleaned of junk, spyware, Malware as well as having the registry (like a shopping list for all your software) cleaned too.


Email not opening, frozen, cant recieve mail – Call us now for free advice, it take 3 minutes to work out if this is a resolvable fix for you
Some thing you want to try:
Defrag the computer – Go to Start menu, Programs, then accessories, system tools, and then Disk Defragmenter
Uninstall any programs you don’t need.  Empty the recycle bin
Make sure you have ONLY one anti-virus program running – computer get very unhappy when two are running


Having trouble with your Wi-Fi, Broadband Router, not connecting? Perhaps your internet is slow too! You may find you just keep losing the connection. Why?  Well, some routers periodically need rebooting, so give that a try first, don’t forget to restart the computer too. There are hundreds of other reasons for these problems which is why our engineers take a methodical investigation in determining the rout cause of any computer issues. Once completed we can quickly get you up and running in no time, usually resolved in less than an hour.
Reboot the router (turn of and back on)
Delete you WIFI connection and renew it
Try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome or other)
Call your provider
BT Support: 0800 111 4567
TalkTalk: 0870 444 1820
Virgin Media: 0345 454 1111

Broadband problems
Broadband problems


iPad Screen

Broken screen – so you have a cracked screen. You may have only have the front part screen broken if you can still see the images behind. If this is the case a new digitizer (name of the front screen, this works the touch screen part). These cost around £10 – £15, unfortunately this is the easy bit. The hard bit is removing the old one which requires a lot of skill and patience as well as a heat source. In the unlikely event your main screen is damaged then a replacement screen is around £40.Now I have to point something very important out here. If you have an iPad 3 or above, then you most likely have a retina display screen – you are VERY unlikely to get a new one as Apple do not repair, they only replace the iPad (if under warranty). The only way to get a retina display screen is second-hand. New replacements on eBay or other are generic copies and are LCD ONLY. So what you might say, a retina display has a resolution of 2048 x 1536. New LCD replacements on eBay are most likely to be 1024 x 768. Thats less than half the resolution.So if you are happy to get a refurbished one then we can obtain that for you too.


If you were looking for help with possible failed hardware or upgrading devices, then perhaps we can help you. Some of the most common computer issues we resolve are a Dead PCs (will not start or boot up) most likely the result of a failed power supply unit which can easily be replaced. Let us see if we can get you back up and running. We can advise you for free (quick call)

dead no start computer
dead pc will not start


graphic card black screen
Graphic cards no picture screen blank

You may have a PC that starts but nothing appears on the screen. or there is a beeping sound. This is usually either memory module failure, graphic card failure or the computer screen is dead. Either way these can easily be rectified. We have had a lot of experience in this area and has huge success in resolving these issues.

Our advice, as always is free,  call us now on one of the numbers above and ask one of our team if we can shed some light on your computer issues.


Hard drives can easily fail on you. It can be devastating if you have a lot of personal file on them when they fail. There may be a good chance of retrieving this data. Maybe you just need to upgrade it because there is not enough space, we can even transfer everything over to your new drive. Do not confuse Hard drive problems with Memory – memory is the RAM (small module used for temporary storage while transferring to and from the Hard drive) Your Hard drive isusually the main storage for all your data, much bigger than RAM memory, don’t worry if this a little confusing we can guide and support you here.


Did you know most hard drives have a 3 year warranty, some even have 5  years

Hard drive issues
Hard drive fail or full


Memory issues
Memory upgrades

As mentioned earlier, this is the RAM module which can be upgraded to a larger capacity if needed give a boost in speed in most cases. These modules rarely fail and are hard to spot, but our engineers are skilled in diagnosing these sort of problems.


This sometimes is a Software issue (usually iTunes has compatibility glitch with a system). Otherwise it just comes down to a failed laser or draw motor, a cheap replacement these days! We can simply remove the old one and replace it with a new one. CD-ROM drives are reasonably priced these days. Determining the route cause of these specific computer issues takes a trained eye to spot whether it is hardware or software.




Ever had that problem where the device just is not recognised by the computer (usually a software driver fix is needed). Maybe your external device is just not seen. You may have a damaged USB port or a compatibility issue – a moderate fix here but we need to know a bit more about it. These types of computer issues can be software or hardware failure and you may need a trained eye to locate the fault.


There are usually two issues commonly found: a dead mouse or keyboard (just replace it) or a Software issue – A virus or program crash. Either way we will solve it for you.

Mice and Keyboard errors
Keyboard and mouse problems


Printer Connection issue

Although I have put this in I should say right off the bat that, if a printer is not printing all the colours or paper jams, the cost of repair is almost very close to replacing it. If you are not using original inks you may find the ink dries up much quicker, this can lead to blocked inkjet ports.
The print seems OK but nothing is printing, usually you may have to go to the printer section and double click your printer and clear or restart the print queue – nothing will print until it is cleared.