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Conduit Browser Hijacker

Conduit Search

One of the most common hijackers PC Manpower comes across on our Virus removal callouts is one called Conduit.

It will allow other malware in and you may already have all your personal, banking and email passwords stolen.

Conduit browser hijacker is a dangerous browser hijacker / malware which steals personal and confidential information from the user and transfer it to third party. It is usually bundled with other free downloads. It circumvents the browser’s default search engine, homepage, new tab page, and several other browser settings
Victims of this hijacker have reported unwanted pop-up and in-text advertisements such as the one demonstrated in this image. A popup on the right of the screen.

Malware, Hijacker, Conduit at PCManpower Medway, Chatham

PC Manpower have found many victims of unwanted redirections to conduit.com, and have also reported that they have been attacked by phishing attempts and have received unwanted email spam, junk mail, other messages, and telephone calls from telemarketers and scam calls from Microsoft.
Remedy: First check installed programs in Control Panel and remove any referenced Conduit program. Next run a proven Malware and Adware removal program

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