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Installing reseating CPU with thermal paste (with Video)

Media Centre PC –  CPU Heatsink Reseating



This media centre PC had booting issues due to hard drive failure. Added to this the PC randomly rebooted, upon further investigation the CPU appeared to be running a higher than expected temperature while idle. This may indicate bad surface contact between CPU and heatsink.We will have to remove and reseat applying thermal compound as thermal bridge across surfaces.

There may be occasion to remove the heatsink either to install a new CPU or heatsink. In either case, a degree of care should be adhered. Pay close attention to the correct position of the processor, getting it round the wrong way will result in the most heart sinking of feelings. If you find yourself in this situation, and unlucky, the pins may become bent or damaged. Furthermore, any voltage difference may cause irreparable electrical damage to the motherboard and or CPU. Be gentle in positioning the CPU in its correct position and be gentle.

To add to the concern, you should not re-use the heatsink paste from the old CPU or heatsink. Always apply adequate heatsink paste.


Watch this example video below demonstrating how I removed a heatsink, cleaned thermal paste off and removed the CPU

Here you will see how I replace the CPU and applied thermal paste


Installing reseating CPU with thermal paste Video


Step by Step Images

Remove the heatsink, gently unscrew each of the four locking bolts(Partially undo each one to keep heatsink level – if the CPU is stuck to the heatsink you will want to lift evenly)

Keep going round each bolt unscrewing a little at a time. Unclip the tensioner arm and release the CPU clamp. IMPORTANT:Take note of the gold triangle symbol on the corner

of the CPU. It lines up with a white triangle on the motherboard.




Now its time to remove the thermal paste from the CPU and heatsink. It may be dry and tough to scrap off, do not use a metal scrapper, use plastic, like a credit card.

I then use a cleaning fuid such as isopropanol (an alcohol type solution) to wipe residue off.






Now its time to relocate the CPU back into the CPU socket. Dont forget to align the triangles. If unsure gently try the CPU different ways around in the sock,. Do not force

it in. It will fit snugly into the socket with easy. If you are insttalling a new CPU and it is not fitting, then it may not be the correct socket for that CPU BE CAREFUL.



Now time to apply some thermal paste to the CPU, here I put just a little too much, not overkill but I could have used a little less. I then (wearing rubber gloves) smeared it

gently over the surface as evenly as possible.



When putting the heatsink back on, gently using the same principle as removing, turn the lockin spring bolts several times, then move to the diagonal bolt and do the same.

Keep going round using this method and do not over tighten the bolts



If you find this process a little outside of your comfort zone, why not get PC Manpower to do it for you. Call us on 01634 505051 (Chatham) or 01732 790099 (West Malling)

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