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Forgot Password
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Forgot Password for Windows

You probably searched for 'Forgot Password windows' and ended up here. Dont dispare as this covers windows 7 and 8 too. Now this is kind of short as there a very little simple ways of recovering your password. If you have already tried guessing it, then you may try using another account that is an Administrator and change your password through the user account in Control Panel. If you have recently changed the password, try logging in under another account and restoring the computer back a few days. You could also try activating the hidden Admin account via the command prompt and typing:
net user administrator /active:yes
Restart the PC and change the password to your account through the User account menu in Control Panel. PC Manpower recieve a lot of requests from customers who have forgot windows passwords for XP, 7 and 8, and we have helped all of them so far.

If none of this works for you then you will need special password removal software. Password recovery is a complicated process, you may wish one of our technicians to arrange a site visit and complete this for you.
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Microsoft have an article on password recovery too here