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Repair Hacked Computer

So you need to repair your Hacked Computer?


Some signs you have or are being hacked:

Your normal every day programs and files that won't open or start
You find file missing Files that you didn't and seem to have disappeared,
Websites, programs or email will not open using your usual password.
You find that your passwords have been changed
You may have noticed new icons, programs on your desktop that were not there before.
Your computer appears to connect to the internet on its own accord
Folder contents seem changed, data missing
Your printer does not print or prints something different to what you wanted

How did it get in?

Perhaps you had an Email from the bank asking to confirm security or Email referring to checking your security
One of the most common types of HACK is when you may receive a message on your screen perhaps from Microsoft telling you of a security issue, then it prompts you to follow their instructions. I could tell you not to click this or do any of the above examples but you are here because you need to repair the damage the hacker has done to your computer.

So what do you do?
Here is a simple step by step guide, but really, I hope you do NOT follow this and get in an experienced computer technician who is highly skilled and knows how to repair hacked computers.WE can arrange a technition to do a site visit and make sure its gone for good.
Before turning on your PC, disconnect the internet from it
Once you are in Windows, go to the Programs and Features in Control Panel
Select view in date order (as in Image 1)
See if any new programs have installed themselves in the last few weeks that you know you did not install.
BE CAREFUL, do not uninstall Microsoft Office or a name you recognise.
Classic hacker software sometimes goes by Anti-virus or spyware removal and System clean-up
Next reboot but now go into Safe Mode (pressing the F8 key repeatedly when it is booting)
Once in Safe Mode, everything looks bigger, go to start menu then All Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools. There you will see System Restore (Image 2). Run it and restore back to a time before any of this happened..
Reboot, and then run a complete Virus scan.
You should be clean for the most part, perhaps you could reset the browser too, look here for details


Repair Hacked Computer
Image 1

How to prevent getting hacked again

1. Do not ever open Emails from your Bank, Parcel delivery service or Goverment TAX office

2. Never trust that Windows has a built in virus service and wants you to download a repair tool

3. Do not trust a site that tells you that you need to download a fee tool to view the page

4. If you are told you need a particular app or download like Flash player go to their site directly. Do not allow the page you are visiting to do this for you.

5. Do not open files in Emails you are unsure of.

6. If it is too good to be true it probably is.

7. Before you run anything while on the web pause, and question your self, do you really want this?


Microsoft has an interesting page on Phone scams claiming to be from Microsoft here

Reoair Hacked Computer System Restore
Image 2