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Windows 10 Issues

So you have installed Windows 10 and……..

Windows 10 Issues

You are probably here because you have either got a problem with Windows 10, or you are concerned about getting a problem with Windows 10.

Why Does Edge Browser Keeps Starting?


If like me you find Microsoft Edge not the browser you want, but even though you have installed another browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) it keeps defaulting to Edge no matter what.  You can easily change the settings for this so it does what you want for a change.

  1. On the start menu, click the cog (Settings Icon)
  2. Click the System icon
  3. Click Default Apps (on left)
  4. Scroll down list to Web Browser
  5. Click it and select the one you have just installed
  6. close window - your ready to go.

How Do I Play DVD's

So you played DVD's on your old PC but Windows 10 (surprisingly) does not want to. Windows 10 does not come with a default DVD player. In fact Microsoft want you to by one from the Microsoft Store.

Workaround: Simply download VLC Player from this website, Install it and away you go (After install you may want to restart your PC first).


Microsoft account sign in issue:

You have a Microsoft account and accept Windows 10’s kind offer to use it to setup Windows 10 for you. When complete, you should have your Microsoft account happily waiting for you to enter your password. Unfortunately it does not accept your password, hmmm. Microsoft suggest you check your CAPs lock. Then they suggest a password reset on their website…..still no luck?

Let me tell you what just happened: Depending on your security setup, and the speed of your PC, along with perhaps some ‘out of date’ drivers, your install of Windows 10 has glitched (failed to collect the password settings from your previous Windows).
You have at least two choices here: revert back to Windows 7 or 8; Log in as another use (maybe Administrator) and set a PIN as a login password and try again.

If you don’t have access to another account you will need a callout engineer to fix this. Otherwise you can reset your windows back to the old system ;(

 More Windows 10 Issues? keep reading

Windows 10 Chrome keeps freezing

The most common Chrome related crashes are usually due to:
• Corrupt profiles
• Conflicting modules
• Bad Extensions
• Outdated software
• Damaged files

There are many more, but this author can only admit to finding the above mentioned ones so earlier in this release.We could go through each with some nice technobabble but you probably just want it working right now, right.
Uninstall Chrome, restart the computer and re-install Google Chrome. I would suggest, if you can, to run a Cleaner program like CCLEANER and remove any background junk first, then run a malware scan to be sure. Just because you don’t see any malicious programs in your face they are not there.

Turn Off Annoying Notifications

Microsoft introduced a nifty way to view all of your notifications at once in the Action Center, which is one of Windows 10's best features.

It does tend to get clogged up with notifications, including ones that are totally  useless . Luckily, turning these off is easy.

Go to Settings > System > Notifications & Actions, and then Then just turn off any that are not useful or relevant

My Start menu Takes up all the Screen

Does your Start screen fill the Desktop?

Can't seem to close it?

You may find the answer is not corrupt Windows System, but a matter of switching off Tablet Mode. Toggle this by going to the Notifications Icon in the bottom right of your screen and clicking off "Tablet mode" - See images below:


Windows 10 Notification Icon
Windows 10 Tablet Mode



Windows 10 Keeps Crashing

Windows 10 Crash

Non-specifically, Microsoft has had a few issues with its updates. You probably were not aware but Microsoft update automatically, whether you want to or not. In fact you have no choice as Microsoft explaines this (or not) in the ‘End user agreement’ which you accepted before installing Windows 10. Yes, you got it, you just signed your rights away, well sort of.

Some of the Windows 10 updates can cause freezing and stuttering as well as long pauses. Why? Because your old software, and or drivers are now incompatible with the new updates. Before you lose the plot completely here, let me explain:

Although your PC has been working great up until the upgrade to Windows 10, the applications and drivers were compatible with the old Windows platform and so no issues. Windows 10 on the other hand, may work with some applications and drivers but not all. As Windows 10 updates itself some of those drivers and applications will struggle with the new parameters. So in effect, you are forced to either update those applications and drivers or suffer the consequences.

Major applications that cause some issues:

Norton Antivirus

There may be more but this author has omly come across these so early in this release of Windows 10.

Please note: if you decide to update some programs in Windows 10 try to use the App Store first

Return to your previous Windows:

Two options here, first one, if you can log into Windows 10 do the following:
Click on Settings > Update & security.

Windows 10 Issues 5

 Windows 10 Settings 8


Windows 10 Restore

2nd option:
From the logon screen, on the right hand side, you will see the ‘Power button’ symbol. Click it to reveal the options, then while holding the SHIFT key down, select restart.






You will presented with a screen showing three options. Chose ‘Troubleshoot’ then Advanced. On this screen you will see the option to recover previous version of Windows. Follow the on screen instructions. Go back and double check these options if you are not sure, read everything carefully, take your time.
I hope this helps

Windows 10 Troublehoot
Win 10 Troubleshoot
Advanced Options

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