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Windows 7 Restore

Windows 7 Restore


First thing to do, click on the start Button, brings up the menu as shown below. Click All Programs.


Next click System Tools indicated in the image below



Click System Restore. We are almost there



Click Next to confirm you are intending to restore your PC

**Now if you get a warning Such as ‘No restore point found’ or similar then this is more serious

and can not be fixed this way.



You may see many restore points listed in date order. You probably do not want to go back to far,

So for now, just select the first one. If it still does not work you can choose an older date next time.


Now just to confirm you want to go ahead, check the date, then click next.



Self explanatory, check Yes that you understand whats about to happen.


Once the system reboots ( it may take some time) your desktop with have a window appear notifying you job was successful